Wednesday, February 16, 2011

St Valentine's Day

I've no problem admitting I'm a total romantic, so I love when St Valentine's Day rolls around.

I'm not all about getting presents or huge bouquets of flowers or any of that stuff - I just like the chance to spend some time with my boyfriend (feel free to puke) and get a bit mushy. Tragic, perhaps, but fun nonetheless.

Handily enough, I got an unexpected payment on Monday (as a freelancer you can wait months and months for money to come through for articles) so I decided to treat myself and Cormac to a meal. It was one of those situations where we walked past a restaurant on the way home from work and went in on a whim, which made it all the more fun.

Dunne & Crescenzi was our choice for a romantic meal - an Italian restaurant nestled just off the bustling Nassau Street in Dublin city centre. It's the sort of place where you can imagine you're in a little restaurant in Italy, with its wall-to-wall shelves of Italian wine, cosy atmosphere and really delicious food.

Just like most restaurants in Dublin, there isn't a huge choice for vegans but Italian food is the ultimate in simplicity so it's always possible to veganize some dishes. I went for the bruschetta to start, which had mounds of fresh, sweet tomatoes piled on crusty white bread, while Cormac went for the minestrone. Some minestrone soups can be thin and watery but this was thick, creamy (but I don't think it had any cream or dairy in it) and full of beans and veg.

 For the main course, I had what I always get at Dunne & Crescenzi - the pasta with tomato and basil. Utterly simple but so delicious. I always think 'what a small portion' when I get this dish and am absolutely stuffed by the end...what can I say, my eyes are bigger than my stomach! Cormac went for the beef lasagne.

All vegetarian dishes are clearly marked on the menu, as are dishes with egg in them (from fresh pasta) which makes it so easy to know what you're getting.

Afterwards there was only one thing to do - go to Cornucopia, where Cormac bought us some vegan dessert. He was definitely proving his worth as Awesome Boyfriend No 1 that night!

Vegan blueberry silken torte with ginger biscuit base from Cornucopia

Half-eaten (whoops!) vegan chocolate fudge cake from Cornucopia

Italian food, wine, vegan dessert....the perfect Valentine's Day!


Arlene said...

I love Dunne & Crescenzi - though I haven't been nearly enough! Yet to try Cornucopia, though it's on my list. Sounds like a great Valentine's evening!

Adventures in Veg said...

Hi Arlene! Thanks a mill for the comment :) It was a lovely evening - especially as Mondays can be so dreary. Will add your blog to my blogroll btw x

Clare - An American in Ireland said...

Sounds like a lovely evening! :) I'm a sucker for romance too, there's nothing better! Recently tried Cornucopia with MM and I loved! Must go back there...

Adventures in Veg said...

Hey C! It's lovely there isn't it? Nothing fancy, but quality veggie food. The story behind the restaurant is wonderful too - it was a real labour of love.
Hope you and MM had a fab Valentine's day!
PS just realised you weren't on my blogroll either, I'm a divil for forgetting to update it. Just added you x

Aoife Mc said...

Yum, yum! I haven't been to D&C for ages and ages, but it is a lovely wee spot. Glad you guys had such a lovely romantic night!

Brownieville Girl said...

I'm a big fan of Dunne & Crescenzi too.

Lovely way to spend Valentine's day.