Friday, November 5, 2010

Vegan MoFo - Brown Rice, Butternut Squash and Burritos

Has it really been two days since I last blogged?

Forgive me Vegan MoFo, for I have sinned! Sadly the last few days have been quite busy - I left the house at 7.15am yesterday and got back at 1am (don't worry, it wasn't all work - my boyfriend's band had a gig) - so I haven't been able to blog.

But, of course, I have been eating some delicious vegan food.

The best thing about Vegan MoFo so far is that it has really spurred me on to cook during the day (rather than at evening time) and to try a few different things.

On Wednesday morning, I made some brown rice for breakfast, with some leftover brown rice, oat milk, cinnamon, a little agave syrup and some chopped apples. I put around 1/3 of a cup of oat milk in with the brown rice, added chopped apple, cinnamon and agave and simmered until all the oat milk was absorbed. It really brought out the sweetness of the rice and was a lovely and filling breakfast.

 A cup of lemon and hot water is a must in the morning!

I'm slightly obsessed with butternut squash at the moment - I can't believe I went most of my life without eating it. Right now I can think of nothing better than butternut squash in a thai curry - especially a yellow curry. So on Wednesday I whipped up a yellow curry with butternut squash (from The Runner Bean), potato, spinach, and chickpeas...heaven!

Served with quinoa (cooked with turmeric and cumin seeds), it was such a filling and delicious lunch. I'm trying to be more mindful these days about the nutrition in my meals, hence the mix of pulses, grains and vegetables.

I packed up the leftovers and had them the next day in work for lunch. Nothing gets me through the day in the office better than knowing I have a lovely lunch to look forward to!

A few weeks ago I was sent a fajita kit from Old El Paso, a popular range that you can pick up in supermarkets here in Ireland. While the entire kit isn't vegan, it's extremely easy to make a vegan meal with it. My boyfriend loves burritos and I'd been promising for ages that we would have burritos at home, so before we went to see The Social Network that night we made some quick burritos for dinner.

We used the tortillas supplied in the pack as well as the stir-in spicy tomato sauce. I used firm tofu as the 'chicken' and panfried the slices before simmering in the stir-in sauce - it was surprisingly authentic! Served with spinach, mashed kidney beans, julienned red pepper, quinoa and salsa it was a really fun meal for a dreary Wednesday evening.

The best bit? Wrapping the burritos in foil....simple pleasures!
Tomorrow I'm off to a food styling and photography course organised for Irish food bloggers, which I am seriously excited about. A very kind friend loaned me her Canon Rebel so I really can't wait to learn how to take better (much better!!) food pictures with it. As someone with absolutely no photography training, this is a course I badly need.

Following the course, we're having a meal at L Mulligan Grocer pub in Stoneybatter - where there is a vegan option for each stage of our three-course meal - how fantastic is that? I'll be back with all the news, and food pics, tomorrow.

Have a great evening!


Rose said...

I love brown rice stand in for oatmeal...I think it's better than oatmeal personally. And I love that pretty little tea cup.

But your Butternut squash dish has be fixated! It looks so creamy. YUM

Tea and Sympatico said...

Ooh, I love rice like that. I think your pictures are great already. My camera is terrible. For some reason it only seems to take passable pictures of cake!

Noelle said...

butternut! Yum I have not had any yet this season. Old El Paso is in my neck of the woods. Go Texas!

Adventures in Veg said...

Hey ladies, thanks for commenting! :)
- Rose, I can totally see why you'd prefer brown rice, it's much more filling and way sweeter than you'd think. I got the tea cup from a friend, I love it!
- Tea & S - thanks so much :) I can't wait to have a good camera of my own! Maybe Christmas you could ask Santa for a new camera ;)

- Noelle - aw cool! I've never been to Texas, maybe some day...

jinx said...

The photography course sounds great...I should look for something like that in my area. I have a fantastic camera but the coupling on the lens cracked and because it's such a nice camera just that part costs the price of two okay point and shoot cameras :(

Anna said...

Have Oatly changed their ingredients? I emailed them a while back to ask if it was vegan and it wasn't due to the vitamins in it. I guess as the organic one won't be fortified it may be vegan...

Adventures in Veg said...

Hi Anna!
thanks so much for letting me know about this.
I checked the ingredients and the organic one is vegan as it only has oats, water and sea salt in it (no added vitamin D).
I wouldn't have known that the other one wasn't vegan if you hadn't let me know so I appreciate it!