Friday, June 25, 2010

Make This Weekend A Great One

 Pic by J Kealy

Hello there veggies! Hope that you've been having a great week so far? I was at a few gigs this week (Philip Glass on Tuesday, Black Sun on Wednesday and Stevie Wonder on Thursday!) and as I love music as much as I love food this meant it was a great week indeed. After all those late nights I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend and particularly to working on some new recipes.

One of the highlights of my week was selling vegan cakes for the first time at the Black Sun gig. Black Sun is organised by one of my dearest friends, Vicky, who is a kick-ass vegan (you've probably heard me mention her here before) and one of the coolest people I've ever met. When she started putting on Black Sun gigs (with her friend Paul and partner Dave) she had the idea of holding a vegan bake sale at each event. Our friend Paula was drafted in to supply her delicious vegan cakes and the bake sale was an instant hit.

Black Sun visited Dublin for the first time this week and Vicky asked me could I step into Paula's shoes so I nervously said yes! I've never sold my vegan cakes or cupcakes before and I was pretty nervous about how they'd be received. As I didn't have a huge amount of time to cook, I decided to make some cookies as well as cakes as they're so simple.

I made: honey-oat cookies (not strictly vegan because of the honey - I had run out of agave!); chocolate-chip cookies; gluten-free choco-coconut cake with edible glitter icing; gluten-free choco-coconut cupcakes; vanilla-hazelnut cookie sandwiches.

As you can see from the pics, I forgot to bring a tablecloth - but it was a DIY gig so the I think the look of the table completes the DIY theme....ahem.

By the end of the night I only had a few cookies and cakes left over and a few people had come back for seconds, or to buy cakes to bring home. Now that's a result! 

If, like me, you want to have a relaxing weekend (no matter how busy you are) where you have some moments to yourself, or moments to centre yourself, here are some links for you. 
These are recipes, vlogs and articles that will help you focus on making this weekend a great one.

*Cook a vegan bean burger this weekend, using this simple recipe. Can't wait to try this! Serve with a whole-wheat or gluten free bun, a heaped salad with lots of greens, sliced avocado, and a yummy relish for a filling and healthy meal...

*Do you ever struggle with anger? Health guru and inspirational woman Kris Carr is here to help you deal with that, in her latest vlog.

*Are you travelling soon - and a vegetarian or vegan? Need some advice? Well, Jill over at Vegan Backpacker has some great tips for you. There may be a familiar face (actually, two familiar faces) in the first picture, ahem!

*Do you live gluten-free? Take a few minutes to listen to this interview by Meghan Telpner with Elana Amsterdam, author of Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook, on the great site (especially great if you have ulcerative colitis, crohns or other bowel conditions/issues) Making Love in the Kitchen.

*Need some comfort food? Don't turn to a bar of sugary chocolate - whip up a bowl of creamy vegan pesto pasta, sit down and savour each mouthful. Try this recipe from the wonderful Oh She Glows blog for inspiration or why not try my Sundried Tomato Pesto.

*Need to reaffirm the reasons why you went veg? Have a read of these two personal stories on the lovely Kiss Me, I'm Vegan! blog.

*Feeling stressed and need five minutes to yourself? Sit back, put on your headphones, and listen to this:

What are your plans for this weekend?

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Jessica @ Lima's Vegan Kitchen said...

everything looks great! I recently just got my first request for some vegan baking and I'm a bit nervous about it too! Nice work!

And thanks for the comment and stopping by!